Back To School Gift Guide Needs Sponsors

4thGradeThe summer has just started and we are already thinking back to school for September! My son will be starting the 4th grade and they have already sent home his school supply list. It seems the number of items the children need gets bigger and bigger each year.

I will be working on a back to school guide which will be release in early August for the 2011/2012 school year. I will be working hard to bring my readers some fantastic back-to-school related reviews and giveaways. I have a few sponsored lined up already but I would love more. I would like a fun FILLED back to school guide this year!

Backpacks, school supplies, school clothes, organizers, even items to help Mom get things more organized starting the new school year. If your product can fit in with this back-to-school theme, please send me an email. Etsy shops are welcome, too! Don’t just think Elementary school! We are including any products appropriate from Preschool to College! Mak Media owned sites are listed to the right. Just let us know where you would like your product placed. Please have your product submitted by July 1st if possible.

Don’t forget a Twitter Party! Many brands run big campaigns during this time of year and I am happy to host one for you. I have been hosting for big brands for almost 3 years. Just ask for my Media Kit :)

So, if you have a product that is related to back-to-school that you would like to have featured, please contact me!