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Toni-Lynn Barber - DelightfulChaos.comToni-Lynn is a 40-year-old, work at home Mom. She lives with her fiancee and their, combined, 4 sons. They are currently ages 17 (Hunter), 16 (Royal), 12 (Alex), and 111 (Spencer). Alex is a Type 1 Diabetic.

She is a no stranger to success. Starting out with simply a heart to help others, she has put her Midas touch to numerous online businesses that have become extremely successful. Her razor-sharp business smarts became evident back in 2002 when an interest in couponing added up to hundreds of dollars of savings off of her family’s grocery bill. There are people who clip coupons–and there are people who walk out of the store with a cart full of groceries that they paid under five dollars for. Toni-Lynn is one of those people.

It didn’t take long before Toni-Lynn became a mentor to moms everywhere, working on several online forums, tirelessly teaching others how to clip coupons like a pro. In 2007, she branched out to create her own site, GroceryPriceBooks.com. The theme of this unique site is to “Know before you go”.   Along with finding great coupon deals, she realized that without a way to compare everyday product prices between stores, there was no way to be sure you were getting the best possible savings. Her brainchild, GroceryPriceBooks.com, serves as a convenient price comparison site for shoppers. She also write full time at DelightfulChaos.com which offer insightful product reviews, economic advice, parenting topics, recipes and plenty of giveaways.

Always interested in the welfare of others, Toni-Lynn has spearheaded numerous community service activities, helping those in need of groceries and conducting virtual food drives to aid area food banks. Her skills have been featured in Toledo Parent Magazine, the UAW Local 12 Journal , The Toledo Free Press as well as on WTOL for a live Web Cast.

With the ever-increasing popularity of her online endeavors, Toni-Lynn soon realized the need to incorporate her works. Sadly, plans for the business came to a temporary halt when her father was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2008. He passed away on June 25th of that same year.

One year later, Toni-Lynn’s wheels were turning once again. MAK Media, LLC (M.A.K. being the initials of her father) launched on June 1st, 2009 in loving memory of all that her father has given to her. Using her father as an inspiration, Toni-Lynn’s drive toward success is even stronger than before.

Please feel free to reach out: tonilynn@makmediallc.com

Updated: August 2017

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